Weekend in Waikiki Staycation

Being in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, frequent travel can get costly so a lot of Hawaii locals opt to staycation for the weekend in Waikiki. My wife, Joanne, and I decided to pamper ourselves with a weekend stay at The Moana Surfrider and spent the weekend exploring Waikiki.

If you’re not from Hawaii you might think, “Wouldn’t you be bored of it by now?” But the reality is that most of us who live in Hawaii rarely visit Waikiki. It’s full with its luxury shops, endless beaches, contemporary cuisine and awesome night life, so sometimes I wonder why we don’t visit more often.

Thanks for tuning in to my adventures. If you have any suggestions or comments, I would love to hear from you. Let me know what or where in Hawaii you would to see more of! Or is there another destination you think we should check out?

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Gear Used:
Camera 1: Sony A7Sii
Camera 2: Panasonic GH4
Lenses: Sigma 18-35 Art | Panasonic 12-35 | Panasonic 35-100 | Sony Zeiss 24-70 F4

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