Made Fresh: Raina Amey

Made Fresh: Raina Amey

This episode of Made Fresh features Kauai-born, Kailua resident Raina Amey. As the daughter of a single father, who was a woodworking construction worker by trade, it was no wonder that Raina found a passion for crafting works of art from planks of wood.

From her pallet artwork to her work bench, up-cycling and sustainability are a way of life for the Amey ohana. Even her kids are taking after her fresh makery and it awesome watching them all work together.

Made Fresh is a video series produced by Berad Studio that features artists and artisans making fresh things in fresh ways here in Hawaii.

Camera Gear used:
Camera: Red Scarlet-W
Lenses: Leica-R Prime lens kit
Manfrotto Video Monopod
Sachtler DV6 Tripod
Manfrotto 502HD Head
Rode NTG3 boom kit
Rode Lavalier
Tascam DR70
Sanyo Enloop Batteries
ThinkTank Camera Backpack

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