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Canon C70 4K Test Footage | Jana Lam: Hau Design Story

by | Aug 20, 2021

Cameras are always a fun new investment for any production company, but as the years go on, we realize there’s no one-size-fits-all camera solution. Sometimes we might need an ultra compact, run and gun camera with built-in everything… ND filters, great audio inputs, slow motion and fantastic color science.

That’s where the Canon C70 shines. It’s got everything we need to shoot ENG style stories and allows us to output compressed files right out of camera to ship via dropbox to clients anywhere around the world.

But before taking it out onto a paid project, I like to spend some time getting to know the camera in a setting similar to what I’ll experience. With no real story in mind, I raced over to my friend’s design studio in Kakaako to put the Canon C70 to the test.

Over at Jana Lam’s Studio, Jana shared with us a new design that her and her team put together. Follow Jana on Instagram @janalam to check out more of her unique and intricate designs.

Shot with a Sigma 24-105 (90%) and 18-35 (10%), on camera Sennheiser ME64 shotgun microphone, I was able to capture this quick story in a couple hours. I think this camera will fit the purposes for news outlets, documentary shooters and anyone transitioning from DSLR or Mirrorless, or to a video specific camera.

Video Details:

Brad & Jana at Jana Lam Studio

Special thanks to Jana for always allowing us to come for a fun visit!