Halekulani Employee Series

Employees are the backbone of any business, and that couldn’t be more true than in the hospitality industry. This video series features Halekulani employees as they recount special stories of their years working for the hotel.
Client: Halekulani Hotels

Hiinani Papapa-Blakesly

This video features massage therapist and cultural therapist Hiinani Papapa-Blakesley. Hiinani shares some of the cultural significance of the property and what makes Halekulani such a special place to her.


Frank Hernandez
This video features Chef Concierge, Frank Hernandez. Frank tells a unique story of how he found his passion for Halekulani.


Julie Galves
This video features Halekulani director of revenue, Julie Galves. Julie shares a favorite moment and why she loves working for Halekulani Hotel.


Christian Testa
Christian Testa is Halekulani Hotel’s newest Chef de cuisine. His Italian roots and passion for seafood make him a great addition to their Orchids restaurant.