Berad Studio

Original Series

Eo Sustainability

A TV series about food sustainability in Hawai’i


Episode 1: Ahupua’a

This mini series is all about the way we grow, gather and consume food in Hawai’i.

Host Lacy Lyons talks with farmers, food specialists and cultural practitioners about how food was grown in old Hawai’i and how we can implement some of those principles and practices today.

Episode 2: Hānai ‘I’o Meats

It’s a tough job with no breaks, no weather cancelations and no holidays… but these farmers love what they do, and they do it for all of us!

Host Lacy Lyons talks with locals in the livestock industry to learn more abut what it takes to raise exceptional meat locally and sustainably.

Episode 3: Agriculture

Let’s grab our boots and harvest some food! We know farmers plant and harvest the foods we consume, but most never know what it actually takes to raise and keep crops growing.

Host Lacy Lyons learns about a few of the problems that local farmers encounter, as well as some of the foods we can find and consume locally that could help change our agricultural industry.