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Made Fresh: Hannah Tomita + Kaira Active

Part of doing something fresh and original is stepping out in faith and doing something that no one has done before, but breaking away from tradition and convention can be especially difficult for Asian Americans. Many Asian parents encourage traditional vocations and financial stability over pursuing a career of passion which was the case for Hannah Tomita.


As a child, Hannah’s parents immigrated to Hawaii from Japan and with that move towards cultural freedom, came challenge for their family. Hannah however decided to use those difficult beginnings as motivation to break away from stereotypes and follow her passion to make the world a better place with fashion and thus began her journey with Kaira Active.


Kaira Active is an activewear line made from recycled fishnets that were recovered from the ocean. By reusing materials others discarded as trash, she is helping to reduce the amount of plastic in the ocean. Kaira Active is also a multi-purpose clothing line that can be worn both in and out of the water resulting in a need for less materials and more purposeful products. Be sure to follow her journey on Instagram: @kairaactive


We love sharing the work and passion of those who are aiming to help our planet and make a personal difference in this world.


Made Fresh is a video series produced by Berad Studio that features artists and artisans making fresh things in fresh ways here in Hawaii.


Gear used:
Lenses: Leica-R Prime lens kit