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Hawaiian Airlines Featured Chef

Featuring new young chefs and their first class dishes


Wade Ueoka: MW Restaurant
Chef Wade Ueoka of MW Restaurant was our final Featured Chef in Hawaiian Airlines entourage of talent. Wade cooked up some of his in-flight menu with us and walked us through his kitchen and shared his food philosophy and his journey to becoming one of Hawaii’s hottest young chefs.

Hawaiian Airlines: Featured Chef

Showcasing first class dining

In 2015, we started on a lengthy project with Hawaiian Airlines to share the story of their new Featured Chef program. Every six months, they would feature a new young chef who would be creating their new first class menu for their in-flight dining program. Guided by their culinary program director Chef Chai Chaowasaree, Hawaiian Airlines chose to feature chefs Jon Matsubara, Lee Anne Wong (Kokohead Cafe), Andrew Le (Ping and the Lady), Sheldon Simeon (Tin Roof Maui) and Wade Ueoka (MW Restaurant).

Each video in the series showcased the Featured Chef and their new first class menu.

Sheldon Simeon: Tin Roof Maui

Chef Sheldon Simeon is no stranger to media as one of Bravo’s recent Top Chef contestants and is lighting up Hawaii’s food scene with his ono dishes.

Lee Anne Wong: Koko Head Cafe

This video features Top Chef winner Lee Anne Wong of Koko Head Cafe. Her amazing flavor palate paired with her passion for fusion cooking resulted in an amazing on-board menu.

Andrew Le: Pig and the Lady

Chef Andrew Le got his start cooking for crowds at farmer’s markets and pop up events, but his drive and determination compelled him to push even harder to create his very own restaurant. Now his Vietnamese-inspired restaurant The Pig & the Lady is one of the hottest spots in Honolulu and one of the must eat venues in China Town.

Jon Matsubara: Bloomingdales Ala Moana

James Beard award-winning chef Jon Matsubara was the inaugural chef in Hawaiian Airlines’ Featured Chef program. Though his food philosophy may be simple, his flavor combinations are complex.