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Hawaiian Airlines

Hawaiian Airlines: Partner Features

The fabric of Hawaii’s economy is built of thousands of small, local businesses


Kira Hawaii

When you approach life with determination, passion, and a little bit of sparkle, there’s no telling what you can accomplish. Sheri and Jayson Kira reflect on building their family-centered, women’s boutique Kira Hawaii from the ground up.

Hawaiian Airlines: Partner Features

Showcasing Local Businesses

The fabric of Hawaii’s economy is built of thousands of small, local businesses, each with their own unique story and specialty. Hawaiian Airlines has been partnering with local businesses for decades to partner in their Hawaiian Miles Credit Card program. These are just a handful of their Partner stories.

Koa Pancake House

The Chung family has dedicated their lives to feeding Hawai’i at Koa Pancake House. They serve up an eclectic, breakfast menu, filled with multi-cultural flavors ranging from fluffy pancakes and traditional omelettes to cultural favorites like kalbi and vinha d’alhos.

City Mill

For over 100 years, Hawaii’s families have relied on City Mill for everything from buckets and light bulbs, to hardware and home & garden. Built out of an ambition to cultivate communities, the Ai family has dedicated their lives to serving others with aloha.


Zippy’s has been a local favorite for decades bringing communities and families together with familiar food. From a wide selection of local Hawaiian style dishes, starting with their signature Zip Pacs, there is something for everyone.