Hawaiian Airlines

Hawaiian Airlines: Partner Features

The fabric of Hawaii’s economy is built of thousands of small, local businesses


City Mill

For over 100 years, Hawaii’s families have relied on City Mill for everything from buckets and light bulbs, to hardware and home & garden. Built out of an ambition to cultivate communities, the Ai family has dedicated their lives to serving others with aloha.

Hawaiian Airlines: Partner Features

Showcasing Local Businesses

The fabric of Hawaii’s economy is built of thousands of small, local businesses, each with their own unique story and specialty. Hawaiian Airlines has been partnering with local businesses for decades to partner in their Hawaiian Miles Credit Card program. These are just a handful of their Partner stories.


Zippy’s has been a local favorite for decades bringing communities and families together with familiar food. From a wide selection of local Hawaiian style dishes, starting with their signature Zip Pacs®, there is something for everyone.

Honolulu Cookie Company

Delicious shortbread, dipped in chocolate, handcrafted and packed with aloha are the foundation of this family-owned business.

Leonard’s Malasadas

Deep fried, fluffy, deliciousness is the perfect description for Leonard’s world-famous malasadas. A combination of hard work and aloha have helped this family-owned business become one of Hawaii’s must eat sweet treats.

Andy’s Sandwiches

A hearty serving of fresh, healthy ingredients are packed into every sandwich and smoothie created by Andy and Norma Rodrigues.

Jana Lam

Hawai’i local, Jana Lam, walks us through her journey from English Major to Mom-trepreneur. Her self-branded collection of bags and accessories are dressed in the colors and experiences of contemporary Hawai’i.

Aiea Bowl

In 2006, brothers Glenn and Gregg Uyeda fulfilled their childhood dream of owning a bowling alley. Little did they know that they were also building one of Hawaii’s favorite restaurants in the process.

Hawaiian Chip Company

Jimmy Chan founded the Hawaiian Chip Company by making sweet potato chips on a little table-top fryer. With the support and guidance of Hawai’i’s business community, the company today supplies locally made specialty chips, seasonings, and sauces around the globe.

La Tour

Thanh Lam proves that great ideas infused with discipline and hard work can change a person’s destiny. From Banh Mi to premiere bake shop, La Tour is on its way to becoming Hawaii’s Bakery.