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Kertex: Chicken Feathers

Can chicken feathers solve that navy’s tank problems?


Oceanit: Kertex

KERTEX is the next-gen bio alternative to petroleum-based synthetic fabrics currently under development at Oceanit. Taking its name from a combination of ‘Keratin’ and ‘Textiles’, KERTEX is created from keratin, a bio-polymer found in many animals’ feathers, nails, hooves, and more – a fibrous protein that possesses unique structural properties. Visit to learn more. Alpha-keratins (α-keratins) are found in all vertebrate animals. This type of keratin forms the hair (such as wool), the outer layer of skin, horns, nails, claws and hooves of mammals. For KERTEX, Oceanit is using waste chicken feathers to create a high-performance fiber and fabric for the U.S. Army.