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Treasures buried deep within our waters



Water has always been an integral part of Hawaiian culture as illustrated through the ancient ahupua’a land division system. In this series entitled Waiwai, we learn about the kai (sea water), wai (fresh water) and wai kai (brackish water) and how important they were to ancient and contemporary Hawaiians alike.

Ola Pono series

The treasures buried deep within our waters

The series’ second chapter showcases the treasures buried deep within our waters. Renowned Hawaiian surfer, lifeguard and waterman Brian Keaulana and his daughter, Ha’a Keaulana, take viewers on a journey across Makaha on the west side of O’ahu as they explore the island’s rich history and powerful connection to the ocean, while sharing tips on water safety.

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Brian Keaulana

Waterman Brian Keaulana gives a personal tour around Makaha beach and all the treasures that can be found in the ocean. Brian also gives safety tips to travelers visiting our islands.

Ha’a Keaulana

Ha’a is a world renowned photographer. Her unique perspective and keen eye allow her to capture Hawaii’s beauty in a way that only she can.