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The greatest musicians feel the music rather than hear it



The greatest musicians in the world feel the music rather than hear it. Born and raised in ‘Oahu, Hawai’i, Taimane Gardner was born for the stage, and has used the Kamaka ‘ukulele as an extension of her soul. Through the years, Taimane found guidance in mentors like musician Jake Shimabukuro and traveled the world to discover new sounds and cultural influences.

Writing new music has always been her favorite part of the process, by finding ways to express herself through various tunings and chords. From writing the songs to show time, Taimane creates musical imagery through the ‘ukulele that pulls the audience in for a unique experience.

Discover more of her performances and music on her Youtube Channel

Everyone has a story to tell, but not everyone has a chance to tell that story. Made Fresh was first dreamt up by director Brad Watanabe as a result of losing his grandfather to a medical complication following a routine surgery. He never had a chance to capture the story of his pineapple growing, golf club swinging, fisherman of a grandfather before he passed away. As a result, documenting untold stories of people who might never have their stories told became a personal passion of his, and Made Fresh was born.

This is a series devoted to those who are making fresh and amazing things or doing traditional things in a fresh and innovative way. If you know any makers that need to have their story told, please email us with a brief synopsis of the fresh maker you have in mind.