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Reaching a young, new and trendy audience


Waikiki Parc + Zak Noyle (@zaknoyle)
Zak Noyle is one of the hottest surf photographers around. He shoots all the largest surf competitions and events around the world including the Eddie Aikau and Pipeline Classic. With a wildly successful commercial photographer (Ric Noyle) for a father, it’s no wonder that Zak picked up the technique for photography, but it’s amazing to see how unique their images are.


Reaching a young, new and trendy audience

With the goal of reaching a young, new and trendy audience, we partnered with Waikiki Parc Hotel and Anthology Marketing Group to produce a series of videos for YouTube and Instagram. Rather than creating a traditional marketing or revenue-driven commercial content, we decided to collaborate with influencers and their unique stories. Thus began the #MyParcStory campaign.

Client: Waikiki Parc Hotel
Agency: Anthology Marketing Group

Waikiki Parc + Chelsea Yamase (@chelseakauai)

Chelsea Yamase may have been born on the small island of Kauai, but has become a global phenomenon in the ecosystem of Instagram. She has worked with brands like Land Rover, Canon and tourism boards around the world to document some of the most breathtaking adventures on the web.

Waikiki Parc + Justin Ridgely (@hiboulder)

Justin Ridgely (owner of Volcanic Rock Gym) has single-handedly built a bouldering community in Hawaii. Bouldering is a skill that requires strength, agility and patience. Justin discusses some favorite moments finding new rocks on Oahu and sharing experiences with others.