Behind The Scenes Blog

Starting a new YouTube Video Blog (aka Vlog) series called Berad BTS !

What is Berad BTS? In video production lingo, BTS is an acronym for “behind the scenes” and that’s exactly what this series is about.  My goal is to share fun new experiences (both personal and professional) with the world wide web.  The process and product are simultaneously liberating and terrifying, but it gets me back to my original passion of producing content that I love about the life that I live… which is really why I got into video making in the first place.

So ready or not, here we go!

If you enjoy these videos, and want to stay up to date with all our YouTube explorations please subscribe to our channel. with Ric Noyle and Zak Noyle on Hawaii's very eaturedirst photo convention (Photo Con... in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, travel can get costly so a lot... been a crazy awesome year and we've got a lot of great things starting up... We just got back from a 3-week trip to Japan with Honoka and Azita (2... I met Devin Supertramp, Philip Bloom and Alex Buono at NAB 2016!For me, attending conferences...