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This Behind the Scenes YouTube series is all about sharing fun, new experiences (both personal and professional) with all of you!  Creating this series is both liberating and terrifying, but it gets us back to our original passion of producing unique, original content about this amazing life that we live.

If you enjoy these videos, make sure you check out our YouTube channel the rest of the series!

More Berad Behind the Scenes

  • Working with Ric Noyle and Zak Noyle on Hawaii’s very eaturedirst photo convention (Photo Con Hawaii) was amazing. They had speakers from Phase One, Canon and Sony talking about their creative journeys and sharing tips on everything from lighti...

  • Being in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, travel can get costly so a lot of Hawaii locals opt to staycation for the weekend in Waikiki. My wife, Joanne, and I decided to pamper ourselves with a weekend stay at The Moana Surfrider and spent......

  • 2016 been a crazy awesome year and we’ve got a lot of great things starting up in 2017! This is a quick look back at what our year looked like. See you in the new year! Subscribe for more Berad Studio! Co...

  •   We just got back from a 3-week trip to Japan with Honoka and Azita (2 local ukulele phenoms) and Ukulele Hale traveling to orphanages, care homes and live houses sharing music and aloha with many who have been hit with tragedy. We got to......


We’ve also started doing some camera and tech videos on YouTube, so if you’re interested in learning more tech tips, we’ll be building much more tutorial content in the near future.

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