Berad Studio | Brad Watanabe
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Our beloved creative industry is constantly evolving.  One of the new and emerging technologies everyone is interested in is virtual and augmented reality.  Director, Brad Watanabe will be moderating a workshop with the American Marketing Association's Hawaii Chapter discussing how Hawaii marketers are developing for... Made Fresh: Erin Kanno Uehara This episode of Made Fresh features Mililani native, chocoholic Erin Kanno Uehara. A few years back, Erin found a way to turn a divine appointment into a truffle-filled career when she co-founded Choco le'a LLC (a boutique chocolate shop in Manoa,... Made Fresh: Raina Amey This episode of Made Fresh features Kauai-born, Kailua resident Raina Amey. As the daughter of a single father, who was a woodworking construction worker by trade, it was no wonder that Raina found a passion for crafting works of art from planks...